Protecting Worker Safety


I am an advocate for working people.  My entire career has been focused on protecting workers from the harmful effects of chemicals and radioactive substances. In 1970, Congress declared that no worker should "suffer diminished health" as a result of conditions on the job.  My goal is to see that promise fulfilled. 


My work began in 1969 with the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC) where I documented the poisoning of field workers from pesticides.  Later that year, I became employed by the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW) and for the next 12 years I visited its local unions nationwide to investigate dangerous working conditions and educate union members on their health and safety rights. 

Since becoming an attorney in 1986, I have specialized in prosecuting claims for workers, primarily in New Jersey and New York, who have developed cancer due to chemical exposure.  By working closely with the best medical and scientific experts in the field,  I have obtained compensation from the largest corporations in America for my clients who have been diagnosed with:

  • bladder cancer

  • brain cancer

  • leukemia

  • multiple myeloma

  • mesothelioma, and

  • angiosarcoma of the liver.

The types of cases which I have successfully litigated on behalf of workers include:

  • plaintiff's personal injury claims

  • product liability failure to warn cases

  • direct actions against employers, and

  • class actions for medical monitoring.

You can find more information about the types of cases which I have handled in the Practice Areas


How I Will Represent You


Chemical manufacturers are some of the largest corporations in the world. They often hire the biggest law firms to defend them against product liability claims. To counter such adversaries, your case will be carefully prepared. Every critical aspect of your case will be considered before the decision is made whether I can represent you. If it seems likely that the case would get properly dismissed at some point, I will decline to take your case.

Because my clients are usually working people, they cannot afford to pay a lawyer by the hour. Instead, I offer my legal skills on a contingent fee basis, which means that I am only paid for my services if there is a recovery.


Once I have agreed to represent you, I will be the only person responsible for your case. You will not contend with several lawyers, each of which only knows of or only cares about just part of your case. Nor will your inquiries be shunted to a secretary or a paralegal. If I have a question, you will hear directly from me. If you have a question, I will personally answer your phone call, e-mail, or letter. 

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1970 OCAW Hazards Conference

Ralph Nader addressing an OCAW District 8 Conference in New York on Hazards in the Industrial Environment where OCAW members reported on the health and safety hazards in the chemical industry.